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PSYCH-K is a user-friendly process to re-program self-sabotaging, subconscious beliefs into self-supporting beliefs for rapid change.
By engaging the subconscious mind (responsible for over 95% behavior), this simple technique re-programs beliefs to support behaviors and attitudes that we we really want.  PSYCH-K utilizes simple and effective tools generated through years of research that create permanent and lasting change.

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Hypnosis is a proven and time-tested way to help you achieve your goals.  Throughout history, thousands if not millions of people have benefited from its power to help them make positive changes in their lives.  Some notable users of hypnosis have included Albert Einstein, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Henry Ford, Kevin Costner, and even Mozart.

Hypnosis can help you to better understand yourself.  It can help you to change bad habits such as smoking, eating unhealthy foods, or biting your fingernails, into good ones like saying thank you, getting exercise, and keeping clean.  It can help you turn your negative or sad feelings into positive or happy ones.  It can help you to effortlessly focus on almost anything in your life that you would like to change, while leaving you unburdened by analytical or pessimistic thoughts.

 To understand how hypnosis works, we must first learn about how our mind works.  In simple terms, our mind consists of two components:  The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.  Our conscious, or logical, mind performs analytical duties, rationalizes, uses willpower in attempts to change personal habits, and serves as our short-term memory.  The conscious mind also contains what is known as the critical factor, which operates automatically when you are using your conscious mind.  The critical factor can be thought of as protecting the status quo of your beliefs and must be bypassed in order for you to accept any suggestion that conflicts with your existing beliefs. 

 On the other hand, our subconscious mind is where our brain deals with habits, emotions, long-term memory, and self preservation.  It is the part of the mind that the hypnotist focuses on, and the part through which it is possible to bypass the critical factor entirely in order to open the door to positive change in your life.  A good metaphor is to refer to the subconscious as your hard drive, as in a computer, and to the hypnotist as a re-programmer.  When you have targeted a specific glitch, such as a bad habit, in your programming, the hypnotist is able to guide you into a relaxed yet aware state in which it is possible to reprogram your subconscious with positive suggestions that replace negative elements. 

Our conscious mind finds it difficult to change bad habits.  For example, when a person decides to try and quit smoking, he typically thinks he can accomplish this through willpower alone.  However, a student of the mind knows that willpower simply initiates the desire to change, and is usually unsuccessful at eliminating the problem.  The subconscious mind, however, is able to change bad habits by readily accepting positive suggestions.  Therein lies the secret to the effectiveness of hypnosis:  Through positive suggestion, hypnosis will help you change your beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors which you would like to improve.

Things that you can accomplish with the help of PSYCH-K and/or Hypnosis are:

Build self esteem:  Your ego will be healthy and you will approach all of life’s tasks and challenges with ease and confidence.

Change your eating habits:  Through the power of suggestion, you will find yourself craving healthier foods.  You will no longer feel the need to reach for more food in times of stress.

Put an end to sleep problems:  You will drift off to sleep every night as your head hits the pillow, and will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, confident, and energized.

Stop smoking:  While willpower alone rarely lasts long enough to affect permanent change, and nicotine patches and gums do nothing to solve the chemical addiction, through hypnosis your cravings will simply disappear as bad habits are replaced in your subconscious with good ones.

Manage stress more effectively:  When you feel stress, many parts of your life can suffer, such as relationships, school, your career, and even your physical health.  Through daily relaxation exercises, hypnosis will do away with unhealthy stress levels.
Conquer phobias:  You will no longer be controlled by your fears.  You will learn to let go of traumatic experiences and start enjoying parts of life that have been out of your reach. 

Improve athletic performance:  Step on the field, course, or court knowing that you deserve to win.  Your confidence will soar, you will be oblivious to outside distractions, you will feel no performance anxiety, and your total body relaxation will allow you to move with effortlessness and athletic grace.


Hey Susan, just wanted to say how great I feel after the last couple sessions with you. It is interesting to me how fast I have been able to switch some of my lifelong beliefs. It has really helped to write these affirmations down and go over my "new" beliefs many times every day. Looking forward to working with you more!


I just wanted to let everyone know that I just had a session with Susan this afternoon and it was truly amazing! I have never done anything like this before and it had an immediate effect on me!! I really suggest you ALL give it a try. As we all know, Susan is amazing any way, but I think this new work she is doing could be totally life changing for everyone...whether you think you need it or not! I encourage everyone to spread the word to your friends.

Her biggest fan!!

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"Omg, something is changing for me:)  I really don't  totally understand what we do together.  I only do it because I trust you!!  Trust is hard thing for me.   I left work today feeling good.  I have another interview, plus my manager called me today to ask if I want to move. Of course I don't, we have been doing great this month. It's amazing!  Love, Connie"

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"PSYCH-K® represents an important step towards the New Psychology for the 21st century, and beyond.  These are simple, empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at the cellular level."

 NYTimes best-selling book, "The Biology of Belief", Dr. Bruce Lipton

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Dear Susan,

I wanted to write and let you know how S2 Evolution has changed my life in so any Positive ways…The process was so simple, effective it surprised me!  I had no Idea that after years struggling with my weight and chronic health issues, in just those few sessions, ! I am now a different person!! My whole life has changed for the better!! I have I lost 85 lbs. so far and I didn’t diet or exercise!!! Without even thinking about it, I am lighter time every time on the scale and I look 10 years younger.  But even more amazing is how I can really enjoy my life and I am so grateful for you and the Work you do! Thank you, Susan, from the bottom of my heart.

~ Amber G. Rose ~

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