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​Whole Brain Body Posture

We all know stress isn’t good for our bodies, emotional wellbeing and, in some cases, those close to us.  When triggered, we may feel out of control, act irrationally and/or over consume.  This is because there is a physical as well as emotional response to stress.

Over 1,400 chemicals are released into our system every time we are triggered by fear or stress.  This hormonal chemical dump is only a part of the human “Fight/Flight Response”.  Our subconscious mind, which is 500,000 x’s faster than our conscious mind, also tells our liver to stop detoxing, our digestion to shut down and sends oxygen to the large limb muscles getting the body ready to run, fight or hide.  Because our subconscious can’t distinguish between a real threat (bear chasing you) or a perceived threat (thought of a bear chasing you), it automatically triggers the “Fight/Flight” reaction every time.  Self-preservation is always the subconscious’ top priority and will easily override rational thought and behavior. Besides fearful thoughts, negative feelings, such as grief, anger, shame, can cause this fear/survival response.

The brain also creates a chemical barrier around the amygdala keeping your thoughts trapped in this fear center.  This is why it isn’t always easy to think our way out of a stressful situation.  Basically, the ‘danger’ alarm has been pulled and your subconscious is running the show.  It’s not your fault, this is a primordial and very powerful subconscious program.  As humans, we have lived many more years in caves fighting to survive than we have driving around in our SUV’s.

The good news is that you can override this reaction and even program in a new response to stress. It’s called the whole brain body posture, it’s simple and usually takes less than five minutes to do.  Exercise is a great stress reducer but it’s not always practical or an immediate fix. For example, you can’t just leave the office to go for a jog whenever you feel “triggered” by your boss.

So when things get tense…politics at family dinner or your mother starts giving you unsolicited relationship advice…instead of going for another glass of wine or plate of food, take a five minute “time out” and try this technique to transform stress.


1) From a seated position, simply cross your feet at the ankles, (left on top or right, whatever feels most comfortable) and then hold your arms out in front of you parallel to the ground, palms facing outwards. Next, cross your wrists, right over left (or left over right), palms are still facing the floor. Now roll you thumbs to the ground and your palms will be facing each other, clasp your palms together and interlace your fingers.  Relax your hands in your lap or roll up into chest and relax. 

2) Close your eyes, place your tongue at the roof of your mouth and breathe in through your nose.  After a few breaths, imagine the stressful feelings, situation, person or event.  Allow all thoughts and feelings to come up and process.  (Allow the conscious mind to let go, avoid trying to think or resist feelings.  The conscious mind is probably exhausted trying to figure it out.  Tell yourself there is nothing your mind needs to fix or figure out because the subconscious, which processes a million times faster, will do the work automatically.) You may ask your inner awareness, “What do I need to allow or understand to let these feelings/thoughts shift to a place of peace or detachment?”  An idea, such as, forgive, trust or let go, may come into mind.  Continue doing this until you feel yourself shift to a place of peace, detachment and/or relief. 

3) Unlock ankles and wrists, put your feet flat on the ground and place your fingertips together (thumb to thumb, index to index, and, so on) and “lock in” (save) that new feeling of peace/detachment/relief for 5 or more seconds. This step is like the save button on your computer. Remember to save your good work!!!


"I know PSYCH-K's energy-balancing technology is effective because it radically changed my 3-d brain-mapping studies employing quantitative EEG and low resolution electromagnetic tomography have provided measurable, objective data that reveal significant and lasting changes in brain behavior following a single ten-minute PSYCH-K session."

 Dr. Bruce Lipton's "The Honeymoon Effect - The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth" (page 99)






Because the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere control the right side of the body, the action of having your limbs cross over the central energy meridians reinforces the crossover connections between the two hemispheres of the brain. Between the two hemispheres is a band of fibers called the corpus callosum which, when relaxed, acts as a bridge allowing both and the right and left brains to communicate and process information. Putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, closes the circuit between two meridians allowing you to retain the energy from your breath.  Breathing in through your nose, activates the parasympathetic system. You will instantly feel your mind and body begin to relax.

When researchers autopsied Einstein’s brain, they were expecting a significantly large pre-frontal cortex.  What they actually found was a highly developed and thick corpus callosum which they theorized, allowed him to use both sides of his brain simultaneously to solve problems.

The whole brain posture also relaxes us out of the higher frequency beta brain waves into the slower alpha waves which is a super-learning and creative problem solving state. Most adults operate in the beta state and have a difficult time obtaining the alpha state except when dreaming or right before sleep. (There are many methods of accessing the different brainwave frequencies. Meditation and hypnosis are common but usually take more practice and time).

CONCLUSION: Practicing the whole brain position will allow you to use both left and right hemispheres so that you respond with a creative and logical mind rather than react to stressful situations from the fear mind. You will do yourself a world of good and bring peace to your life!

 Benefits of Whole Brain Posture

Induces Alpha Brain Waves & Relaxation
Reduces Stress & Enhances Immune System
Decreases Depression
Enhances Problem Solving Skills & Higher Learning
Expands Access to Creativity State
Activates Clearer Thinking, Heightened Awareness Facilitating increased Energy and Efficiency
Creates High-speed Subconscious Belief Change (Neurogenesis)
                                                                                                                                        *Source: Neuro Connections Fall 2011

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