Recent Client's FB Post:"I have to thank Susan Stone for sharing her gift of healing with me during these difficult times. Losing Jim has had a profoundly devastating effect on my emotional, spiritual, mental and physical being. Susan's combination of techniques continue to appease the daily pain and empower me on a daily basis, She has realigned my subconscious with my spiritual self, ‘rewired’ my brain and ‘refurbished my energy. Basically she has achieved what would have taken weekly sessions for years with a traditional therapist.
        I feel a need to share this my friends—Everyone needs a Susan in their life if only to make a difference between ‘’getting by’ or owning your life"    Maribel

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Soul Science 

S2Evolution was founded to empower individuals to obtain happiness and success by evolving their spirits and souls through scientific and proven techniques.  Whether through individual sessions or group workshops, our company is committed to teaching simple, easy and quick change modalities that individuals can readily incorporate into their daily life.  

As clients increase their self-awareness, release limiting beliefs and sabotaging habits, they realize the importance of self-care and automatically engage in self-esteemable behaviors.  As their transformation gains momentum, our clients focus on living a purpose driven and fulfilling life which brings both professional success and personal happiness.  

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​About Susan

Susan Stone is a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Instructor and certified Hypnotherapist.  A lifetime student of human and business development, Ms. Stone received her training from the world renowned Omni Hypnosis Training Center, NLP training from National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming, CranioSacral from Upledger Institute and her Advanced, Health & Wellbeing & PRO PSYCH-K training from International PSYCH-K.  She has BA in Employment Relations from Michigan State University where she attended graduate school.

Prior to founding S2 Evolution, Susan has held leadership positions in national charities as well as South Florida businesses. She has appeared on several primetime television shows such as Extreme Makeover, The Today Show, The Montel Williams Show, Lifetime Channel, PBS, Inside Edition and has also been featured interviews in several major publications including USA Today, Washington Post, The NY Times and LA Times.  As Executive Director of the children's charity Locks of Love, Susan was instrumental in simultaneously expanding the number of children served, increasing individual contributions over 170%, net income by over 500%, and volunteer participation by 1,000%. She also solicited the organization’s first Fortune 500 corporate sponsors including L'Oreal/Matrix and Pfizer/Rogaine.

Susan holds certifications in Pain Management from the Nurse Anesthetists Association, Hypno-Oncology from National Hypnosis Guild, HypnoBirthing and Ultra-Height from Omni Hypnosis and she also is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor and PSYCH-K Facilitator on the fast track to becoming a PSYCH-K Instructor.  In addition to her private practice, Ms Stone has served as Consulting Hypnotherapist for the Palm Beach Cancer Foundation’s Sari Cancer Center.

Guest Lecturer

With experience in television and radio, corporate training and public speaking, Susan's presentation style is personable, inspirational, humorous and filled with facts, stats, and hands-on exercises that give her audience the tools to achieve sustainable results. She presents workshops and seminars on several topics including:

  • Think Young, Feel Better, Look Great!
  • Smart People Use Science to Calm the Mind & Body
  • 6 Beliefs of Highly Charismatic & Successful People
  • Overcoming Unconscious Self Talk that Sabotages You Every Time
  • Achieving High Powered Results by Strengthening Your Inner Self
  • Effective Stress Management -- Emotional Intelligence for Working Women
  • Replacing Learned Messages that Sabotage Your Prosperity
  • Developing a Self-Empowered Mindset for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

For more information and availability, please email Susan@S2Evolution.com or call:  561.512.4760.