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"It takes an enormous amount of energy and dedication to help people achieve changes with their beliefs, behavior, and results that they want in their life.  Finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated person is almost an impossible task.  With Susan Stone, I have found all of that in one person and more. 
Her expertise is highly regarded among her clients and fellow practitioners, and her commitment to her clients’ success is unparalleled.  After so many years of looking for the right person, I was thrilled when I found Susan and the results that she helped me achieve are astounding." – B.Batinic, Florida

"What is marvelous about PSYCH-K is, among many things, how quickly it works. The relief I felt after only one session of PSYCH-K was not only immediate, but permanent. PSYCH-K reaches the depths of the my subconscious mind, where all true change occurs, quickly, without pain, or medications that only dull the senses. PSYCH-K is the future of belief change technology, it is allowing me to be the man I was always meant to be, and I am no longer stuck in the past, quite the opposite, I am seeking the future, with confidence and happiness." -- Steve Y., Bahamas


All new patients receive a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Susan.

"Each of us have a unique inner wisdom and ability to transform our emotional and physical issues"   Read More

We typically have same-day or next-day appointment availability.  Call 561.512.4760 for scheduling.

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Please Note:  S2Evolution won't be taking client appointments July 4th and Aug 2 to 5 due to Holiday.

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Tuesday, Oct 15th, 8:30am to 4:30pm, 790 E Rambling Way, Wellington, FL
Cost: $100

Limited Seating - RSVP Required!

Please email: Susan@S2Evolution.com

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“I have tried everything - NLP, talk therapy, about every personal development training on the planet from Dale Carnegie, to Landmark, to Guru shopping in India – nothing, nada –  big bills and a waste of time and money!  Then I read Bruce Lipton’s books and he talked about PSYCH-K.  I looked for a practitioner and decided to make an appointment with Susan Stone. 

Over a few short months my entire life is transformed… marriage, career, self esteem and especially the day-to-day experience of being in my own skin.  I am experiencing real, profound, lasting change that has been a huge contribution, and my life just keeps getting better!  If you are looking for real change - to enjoy your life - there is still time and PSYCH-K works!  Susan is a highly skilled and talented master who will guide you to your own transformation.  Enjoy! 

 To your well-being and delight!
 Robert Erickson

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